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• The Brand Introduction

Lotus is different from other jewelry brands. Our products have won wide praise from customers in Japan, Taiwan and the mainland. The design inspiration comes from the middle east art. Through each fine carving work, it conveys the unique world view of the brand, the decorative beauty of complex crafts, and the theme style of different series. Lotus brand art guide is rooted in Tokyo, the international fashion capital, where we take Asian fashion hand as our goal and feel the charm of fashion from different countries. We believe that behind every unique soul, there is our own faith and belonging. On the way to follow the faith, it is our vision to show you different "unique" through lotus.

• The Lotus Story

The ancient and mysterious Nile River gave birth to the earliest human civilization. Rough and primitive sense of hand carving precipitates extraordinary historical, cultural and artistic charm. Long before the birth of the pyramids, the land on both sides of the Nile was covered with lotus flowers. Ancient Egyptians believed that lotus symbolized sanctity and resurrection, and it was also a synonym for love and power. Lotus, symbolized by lotus, inherits the spirit and belief of ancient Egyptian civilization. Through integration and grafting with modern products, it brings deeper meaning and more beauty to every owner, which is our brand philosophy.