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• 关于品牌
LOTUS 区别其他首饰珠宝品牌。我们的产品赢得了日本、台湾、内地客户的广泛赞誉。灵感来自中东艺术,通过每一件精细雕琢的作品传达出独特的品牌世界观和繁杂的工艺装饰美,以及不同系列的主题风格。

• 品牌哲学

• About the Brand
LOTUS is different from other jewelry brands. Our products have won ample praises from customers in Japan, Taiwan and the Mainland. Designs are inspired by Middle Eastern arts, through each meticulously carved work to conveys the unique world view of the brand, the complicated beauty of craftsmanship, and the theme styles of different series.

LOTUS Art Director takes root in international fashion capital Tokyo. We target Asia fashion hand-made brands and feel the fashion and charm from different countries. We believe that each unique soul has its own belief and belonging. On the way to follow the faith, letting you show your uniqueness through LOTUS is our vision.
• Brand Philosophy
The ancient and mysterious Nile River gave birth to the earliest civilization of mankind. The rough and original hand-carved feeling has precipitated the extraordinary historical culture and artistic charm. Long before the birth of the pyramid, the land on the banks of the Nile was covered with lotus flowers. The ancient Egyptians believed that lotus symbolizes holiness and resurrection, and also is synonymous with love and power.

“LOTUS” takes the lotus as a symbol, inherits the spirit and belief of ancient Egyptian civilization. The concept of our brand is to bring deeper meaning and give more beauty to each owner through fusion and grafting with modern products.