ポーラ・シェア|Serious Play
ギンザ · グラフィック · ギャラリー第371回企画展


本題Serious Play (シリアス・プレイ) -[本気]の[遊び]は、シェアにとってまさしくデザイナーとしての目標のような言葉です。本気⇒まじめ⇒ありきたり⇒死ぬほど退屈⇒再発見がシェアの仕事のサイクル。つまり、[本気]が[まじめ]に移行した時点で[遊び]が消えてしまい、次の境地を探す旅がまたはじまるのです。

The February – March exhibition at ginza graphic gallery will showcase the work of Paula Scher, famous for her epoch-making work in New York. Immediately after entering the profession, Scher was noticed for her work for the music industry, where she released a stream of astonishing album covers.  She later joined Pentagram, one of the largest design practices in the world, taking New York by storm through her work for The Public Theater and has continued to be active in fields ranging from advertising, logo design, to environmental design, and is remarkable for the outstanding quality and quantity of her creations. The Citibank logo, the signage for The High Line, VI for Shakespeare in the Park and Jazz at Lincoln Center are just a few examples of Scher’s work that one encounters to an astonishing degree when walking through the streets of Manhattan. 
The title “Serious Play” is a kind of goal as a designer for Paula Scher. Serious ⇨ solemn ⇨ hackneyed ⇨ extremely bored ⇨ rediscovered is the cycle of her work processes. Thus, at the stage when “serious” morphs into “solemn”, “play” is in danger of disappearing, so she has to start a new journey again to find the next fresh ground.

The exhibition features Scher’s epoch-making works selected from her rich career, including posters, logo design, environmental design, book design and other small graphic works. Furthermore, 16 works selected from the art Map series she has been working on for about 20 years, unveils another fascinating world of her creativity.