ギンザ · グラフィック · ギャラリー第370回企画展

本展では、設立5年目を迎える三澤デザイン研究室がやってきたこと、今没頭していること、そして未来につなげていこうとしていることを通して、三澤遥さんの創作活動の一端をお届けします。水中でくらす生物たちの生態環境を追究した「waterscape」、動的な機能を持つ紙を探究した「動紙」、上野動物園の知られざる世界を視覚化した「UENO PLANET」等、11つのプロジェクトをご紹介します。
Haruka Misawa – Again and Again: Ideas Coming To Mind
ginza graphic gallery’s (ggg) final exhibition of 2018 will feature works by Haruka Misawa, a designer who, again and again, takes the world by surprise with her innovative creations. Today, at a time when the contributions of graphic designers are in high demand in all aspects of our social and business spheres, Haruka Misawa’s fertile flow of ideas and abundant output serve as a bellwether of a desirable response to these diverse needs. Her works aren’t limited to solutions of specific topics or answers to specific questions; rather, taking new approaches to things around her and indicating new ways to enjoy them, she has an overflowing capacity to go beyond and open new pathways of possibility.
This exhibition at ggg will offer visitors a glimpse into the remarkable creative activities of Haruka Misawa: examining the work she has performed since establishing her own design institute in 2014, the work she is currently involved in, and the work she has in mind for the future. In all, a total of 11 of her projects will be on view, including “waterscape,” her study of the ecological environment of life forms that live underwater, “Paper Verb,” her examination of the kinetic power of paper, and “UENO PLANET,” her visual transformation of unknown realms at Ueno Zoo.
We invite visitors to come and be witness to the instants when two substances, or a substance and its environment, interact—the thrilling moments when chaotic thought is filtered and its essence becomes clear.In conjunction with the exhibition, gggBooks-128 Haruka Misawa, a volume dedicated to the designer’s works, will be published.