企画展「デザインあ展 in TOKYO」


開催メッセージ :デザインあ展 総合ディレクター 佐藤卓
Special Exhibition “Design Ah! Exhibition in TOKYO”
Based on the concept of “the Design Ah!”, a NHK educational TV program that shares “design mind,” allows visitors to experience the perspective and manner of thinking in design and how that process relates to science and technology. Experience-based exhibitions that engage all five senses such as “Observation,” “Classification & Disassembly,” and “Reconstruction” are cleverly designed to prompt participants to personally discover the design-oriented thought process. Thought provoking installations featuring video clips and music also make it possible to share the joy and fascination of design with visitors.
The exhibition is a total renewal of the 2013 “Design Ah! Exhibition,”* and focuses on eight familiar themes from everyday life including food, products, the body, physical space, and time. By exploring these themes through the designed-oriented perspectives of “LOOK, THINK and CREATE,” visitors can discover the similarities and differences between design-oriented thinking and science and technology.
The term “design” is commonly understood as stylishly arranged shapes and colors and to make things. In its essence, however, design is the process of observing a subject, analyzing it, and after considering the result, exploring combinations to arrive at a solution. “Design” and “design-oriented thinking” have attracted significant attention as an essential tool to derive a simplified, common understanding from our complex societies, to create new systems, and to prompt a diverse range of people to work together in addressing the challenges we face. Through exhibits that bring out countless delighted “Ah!”s of discovery, children and adults can learn about the design mind in an enjoyable fashion. Perhaps, gaining this new way of thinking plants the seed of our very future.
Opening message: Taku Sato, General Director, Design Ah! Exhibition
Design is essential to virtually every aspect of our daily lives. In politics, administration, economics, healthcare, welfare, science, the arts, education, community activities – even many activities that we take for granted – work for us because design serves its part. And this is why I believe that design education plays an extremely important role from childhood. The Design Ah! children’s educational program was born from this conviction, and it remains the impetus behind this Design Ah! Exhibition, created to help visitors immerse in the wonder of design. It is my sincere hope that as many people as possible will visit this exhibition and experience design as richly as possible.